Language is a precious gift to all humanity.

Language allows for thoughts to be communicated from one person to person or computer to computer.

Using alphabetic symbols, written language allows ideas to be preserved and transmitted across the generations or across the internet.

Language is how wisdom accumulates.

What do you want to communicate?

You may need a whitepaper written to reveal your discovery. You may need a book to promote your brand and tell your story. Perhaps you need a website coded up to direct traffic and show your products. You need a database and a way to query it for meaning. You need someone to market and sell your ideas and products. All these processes, writing, coding, and selling, are communications using specialized language and grammer. Some communication requires the formal use of English language, while other jobs require the language of code, or the specialized protocol languages of the internet. Sometimes, it just means saying the right thing on the phone. Let’s talk about what you need.

- Samples of Work -

What 'they' say about Tom...

Maxine Aitkenhead

"Tom comes with experience, new ideas and charisma."

Robin McMillan

"His natural tendency to mentor and support his team members, ensures that he gains full support from his team, who appreciate both his experience and his natural leadership qualities."

John Josserand

"Tom is a highly focused professional who can both guide teams and work well in teams."